In MasterPop, your mission is simple yet challenging: match three or more elements to solve puzzles and unlock the secrets of this mystical realm! With well-designed levels and addictive gameplay, you'll find yourself hooked from the very first pop!


  • Match 3 or more elements in a line or a column to clear them from the board.

  • Create a special Scroll prop by matching 4 elements, or unleash the versatile power of the Joker prop by matching 5.

  • Create a special Bomb prop to create explosive effects and overcome even the toughest challenges!

Game Mode

The game is divided into three different modes: Beginner, Normal, and Hard. Upon entering the game, players need to select the mode they want to enter. Once a mode, a random level is challenged, and within 20 consecutive clearances, the same level will not be repeated.

The Beginner Mode consists of ten fixed levels with no PP reward and no need to consume Elixir to enter. These levels serve as tutorial levels, guiding players to learn the gameplay.

The Normal Mode consists of 160 regular levels and 40 challenging levels. Opening a level requires consuming an Elixir. Upon clearing one level, players receive 10 PPs. Failing to clear a level yields no PP. Upon retrying, the same level is encountered again.

The Hard Mode consists of 50 regular levels and 150 challenging levels. Opening one level needs 5 Elixirs. Upon clearing one level, players receive 50 PPs.

Elixir Usage

Except for the beginner Mode, Elixir is required to unlock a new level.

In normal mode, unlocking a level requires one Elixir. In hard mode, unlocking a level requires five Elixirs.

Players can purchase Elixirs using cMPOP within the game.

Game Props Usage

Players can use cMPOP to purchase various game props within the game, the use of which can provide players with more magic, making it easier to clear levels. The Magic Chest is a package of props consisting of several different props.

Wallet Binding

Players who want to grab $MPOP or burn $MPOP to obtain cMPOP must bind their web3 wallet address on the official website and ensure their wallet has enough Gas to complete interactions with $MPOP tokens.

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