Information about our main assets in, $MPOP.

$MPOP serves as a means of facilitating transactions, enhancing asset circulation, and streamlining value exchange within gaming ecosystems. Players can accumulate Pop Points (PP) through various in-game activities like level completion, consecutive wins, and cumulative level clearance. Once the furnace is activated, players can put their PP into the furnace to forge $MPOP. Players should aim to accumulate as much PP as possible and spin a higher-level furnace available to maximize their MPOP rewards.

Basic information

$MPOP tokens are distributed according to the tokenomics outlined in this section. The allocation of tokens to players and the game's issuance will be influenced by factors such as game mode, consecutive wins, and cumulative level clearance.

  • Token name: MasterPop

  • Ticker: MPOP

  • Fungible Token Contract: TBD

  • Fungible Token Standard: TBD

  • Fixed Supply: 100,000,000

Token allocation

CategoriesAllocationVesting Schedule

Play to Earn


0% at TGE, 2-year vesting period, with 1% released to game players each Season (14 days).

Community Airdrop


0% at TGE, 1 month cliff then monthly release for 6 months. 4% per month.

Fair Launch


100% at TGE. Fair Launch on DEXs.

Staking Reward


Reserved for $MPOP stakers.

Marketing & Listings


0% at TGE, 2-year vesting period. 0.125% each Season (14 days).

Beta Testing Incentive


100% at TGE

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