🎨Token Utility

The native digitally secured fungible token of MasterPop (ticker symbol $MPOP) is an exchangeable representation of various utility functions specified in the MasterPop and is designed as an interoperable utility token in the game ecosystem.

The token that binds all the holders and community members in the MasterPop eco. Main $MPOP utilities are shown below, but not limited to:

1. Governance

MasterPop is a community-driven Web3 matching game with high player participation and leadership, and $MPOP is a certificate for community participation in governance. Holders can vote on governance proposals, such as adjusting the prices of items in the marketplace, changing the token amount of the prize pool for each season, modifying the rules for prize pool distribution, and updates on more features and gameplay mechanics.

2. Game Incentives

Once the furnace is activated, players can put their PP into the furnace to forge $MPOP. Players should aim to accumulate as much PP as possible and spin a higher-level furnace available to maximize their $MPOP rewards.

3. Staking

After the game goes live, the team will launch farming pools where users can stake $MPOP in these pools to earn various rewards such as $MPOP, Elixirs, Magic Chests, and more.

4. Burning

Players can obtain cMPOP by burning $MPOP, which can be used in the game's marketplace to purchase various in-game items, including game props, Magic Chests, Elixirs, and more.

There will be more use cases of the $MPOP, in terms of utilities as the team continues to develop MasterPop throughout the current roadmap.

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