♻️Economic Cycle

The economic cycle of the MasterPop includes a variety of in-game assets and items. The assets include Pop Points, $MPOP, and cMPOP, while the items include Props, Magic Chests, and Elixirs.

Pop Points (PP)

PP is the in-game score that players earn by clearing levels of different difficulties. Players receive additional PP for consecutive wins and cumulative clearance of a certain number of levels. By accumulating PP each season (14 days), players can grab that season's MPOP prize pool.


$MPOP is the game's native and governance token. It incentivizes players to clear levels through token rewards and also serves as a governance token, allowing players to earn additional benefits by staking $MPOP.


A synthetic token that represents the native token $MPOP. Players can obtain cMPOP by burning $MPOP. cMPOP is the in-game currency used for gameplay, purchasing props, earning rewards, and sharing the $MPOP prize pool.


Players need to consume one Elixir to challenge a Normal Level and five Elixirs to attempt a Hard Level.

Game Props

Game props include tools such as hammers and crosses that can help users clear levels.

Magic Chest

Contains various game props that can help players pass levels more easily.

Play to Earn

Players earn PP rewards by challenging levels of varying difficulty. Clearing a normal level awards 10 PP, while Hard levels award 50 PP. Additionally, players receive extra PP rewards for consecutive wins and for clearing a certain number of levels.


Once the furnace is activated, players can put their PP into the furnace to forge $MPOP. Players should aim to accumulate as much PP as possible and spin a higher-level furnace available to maximize their $MPOP rewards.


Players can burn $MPOP to obtain cMPOP, which is a currency within the game used to purchase in-game items.


Players earn $MPOP, Elixirs, and Magic Chests among other assets by staking their $MPOP.

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